Boxing: More Gold for the Puerto Ricans in the 69 kg

Mayagüez (July 30, 2010) – With the victory of Christian Peguero in the 69 kg against the Mexican Oscar Molina, Puerto Rico achieves breaking the past record of three gold medals in a Central American and Caribbean Sports Games that prevailed since 1946 in Baranquilla, Colombia.
In 1946, Juan Evangelista Venegas in the 54 kg, Orlando Rivera in the 81 kg and Evaristo Reyes in the 91 kg obtained three gold medals.
The Puerto Rican Peguero obtained the victory after being tied at 1 in regulation: then tied at 2 after direct hits and then the judges voted 3-2 in favor of the Puerto Ricans.
It is the fourth gold medal of the first day of the finals in the Central American boxing celebrated in Mayagüez, up to the moment.
The Mexican Molina took the silver medal.