Gold fills the Skies, thanks to our Vanessa García Vega.

By: Engineer Julio E. Vega Negrón

The skies made her a space among the stars. our Creator identified, and coordinated the details for her historical day, and the one-starred flag decorated the colorful gala, in which one name rose over all others: Vanessa García Vega. At the short age of 4 years, Vanessa met the world's most precious element, water. From that point on, it was dictated that her compromise and years would be dedicated to the beautiful sport of Swimming. In the eve of her 26 anniversary of life, the Puerto Rican Mermaid would face her first Central American and Caribbean test, in the eyes of her Puerto Rican people, her fans, her friends, and her family, who filled the Olympic Pool of the Central American and Caribbean Games of Mayagüez 2010.

The 100m freestyle event, covered in a beautiful yellowish-orange sky, and all sorts of emotions and expectations, made a magically special moment. This amazing 19th of July afternoon would be remembered as soon as the Vega Baja girl touched the water's surface, ending in her final determined push, to defeat Bahamian Arianna Vanderpool, grabbing the gold that would paint the Puerto Rican Universe that day. A team struggle that lasted 55 seconds, full of determination and will, resumed in the faces of her trainer, Zanoni López, her brother, Néstor García, and a crowd of friends and family, that painted the pool stands in the color of Hope, presenced the "Boricua" swimmer's new Central American and Caribbean record.

The Puerto Rican flag stands proud and tall, only bested by the sky in high splendor, as all of us thank you, Vanessa, for your dedication, love and humbleness demonstrated in every step of your journey through life. Today, the Central American Technical Division, and Día a Día 2010, tip their hat for such an amazing individual, who stands as an example for not only our country, nor the world... but for future generations that will carry you in their conscience and their heart.

Thank you, Vanessa, you are the one to follow, in a sport full of sacrifices, thank you for filling all the lives in the universe that will always remember you for your powerful daily message. The division had the pleasure of interviewing such an inspiring person more than two weeks ago, and her humble being, she gave our people words that would define our society forever. "Its time for all of us, as a country to get together, and let all of our visitors know, that Puerto Rico, is not divided... Puerto Rico stands as one".

The swimmer will face her next historical challenge next Friday, July 23, when she will defend her gold medal, obtained in Colombia in 2006.

Eternal Success for our Universal Mermaid!


Vanessa García enjoying her first place.

Vanessa hugs her brother, Nestor García.


Vanessa Garcia beginning her golden journey.

Pictures by: Rebecca Figueroa