Soaring High Julio Luna, Gold in Weightlifting

By Ing. Julio E. Vega Negrón
As wine ages says the veteran Venezuelan weightlifter Julio Luna on how he feels after winning the gold medal in the event of 105 Kg.  In front of hundreds of fanatics present in the Juan Sánchez Acevedo Coliseum in Moca, an excited Luna said about his great experience on winning the gold medal and the strategies established for achieving those same goals. “I was already prepared to lift 215 kg but I started out with 200, and I am still winning without injuring myself.”

Julio Luna, 105 Kg gold medalist. Photo Rebecca Figueroa

On the other hand, he emphasized that we have to carry our hearts every second of our lives in order to achieve our dreams “I cried of happiness because I won my first gold medal and because there was a great pressure behind me.” 37 year old Luna feels a great compromise with the sports and motivates the youth to train with the heart.  “One should train with love, with the will of becoming somebody in life, if you don’t have does dreams then you are no one”, concluded a happy Luna.