Tennis: The Arévalo Brothers, two siblings, one country.

By: Engineer, Julio E. Vega Negrón

Only a handful of world athletes have had the opportunity of being part of a family combination. The Williams sisters in tennis, the Cruz brothers in baseball, are part of that exclusive group of family athletes that compete with their hearts. El Salvador counts with their own, very talented sibling tennis duo in Rafael Arévalo, and Marcelo Arévalo. Both of them are enjoying their Mayagüez 2010 experience to the fullest, and for Rafael, it has been a stage full of excitement. "I'm very happy about paying alongside my brother, since we have played lots of tournaments together", said Marcelo, the younger brother out of the two. Who talked to us about his great relationship with his brother and parents.

Focusing on other aspects, Rafael talked about the difficulty of adapting to the high temperatures in Mayagüez, and also about the great sports facilities that these Games have constructed. He described having his brother as a doubles partner as a great experience. "Playing with my brother is just amazing. That sort of thing rarely happens", concluded the older sibling.

Their very proud mother, Sofía de Arévalo described the moment as something magical. "I'm very excited, Marcelo's the quick player, while Rafael's the stronger one out of the two. It's really exciting to see them together!". Sofía commented on the possibility of both borthers meeting in the singles tournament, "Both their father and I are in each court. We divide our heart." said Sofía.


The proud mother, with her sons Rafael and Marcelo.


Familia Arevalo junto al entrenador de El Salvador

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